Bahrain Location

Bahrain Bay -Kingdom of Bahrain


Enrico Mari Grego, Mirko Speri, Francis Jackson Peirera, Sherif Fadaly , Tommaso Amato


2009 - 2016

Project Description

Plot size – 3000 sqm
Built up area – 38000 sqm

For our design inspiration, and as benefits a bank with such a fine Islamic pedigree, we turned to the geometry of ancient Islamic patterns. We deconstructed and studied the almost mystical relationships between a particular pattern’s components and, now, although abstract-looking in plan, the three components of the proposed building faithfully represent the dynamic juxtaposition of the shapes we identified within those patterns.

The dramatic diagonals and horizontals that give the building’s elevations such a strong and individual visual appeal are not just cosmetic far from it they form the structure’s frame and backbone. The structural integrity of the building resides within these components, thereby facilitating the concept of an inside-out building: one, which wears its skin on the inside, and its skeleton on the outside. This brings the benefit of maximized usable floor space and engenders a wonderful sense of freedom: of light and air for those who work within them and visit them natural balconies are formed extraordinary sightlines occur. Freed from the constrictions of a traditional construction concept, the building will possess a beautiful ethereal quality designed to charm and captivate visitors, workers, customers and clients alike. It will ‘float’ by the turquoise waters of the gulf a credit to both its new owners, and to the bold vision that Bahrain has for its future.

The building has 9 floors above ground and 4 basements for car park .