Sudan Location



Enrico Mari Grego, Arnold Del Rosario


2012 - ongoing

Project Description

Plot size – 3100 sqm
Built up area – 14000 sqm

The story that there is behind an iconic building is the story of the lonely beauty of a masterpiece. In a city in developing phase, a strong sign of a building self-manages the void space of the city that has to come. I based my design philosophy and approach on this principle to new headquarters of Albaraka, not forgetting that we are in Africa and in Sudan. Then looking over the cracks of his land deep reddish bring out a root and all the salient features of this nature. Both projects are related to something tribal, primitive and strong as the mark, the nature and metamorphosis. Emerging from the emptiness of the desert like a flower, a totem or a cascade of water as in a mirage. Three poems of the author, three moments inspired by the research to interpret a man's need to impose on nature with simplicity but authority through a strong gesture, but at the same time delicate.

The building has a connection with a pattern modules. In a modern way we look at the interaction with pattern within the Islamic culture.

The design has a connection with the building designed for Bahrain, but lines are more soft, the building has its own matrix of Africa projected into the future, a vision for the new generations and with its dynamism and fluidity of the lines.

Our proposal represent the Client needs to have an iconic building that show Albaraka as a bank of great trust and reliability.So into a few lines is condensed the philosophy of a building represents the function of an headquarters of a bank with its catalysis on the territory and its transparency to spread the utmost confidence in the people and its clients. Three buildings that make this area of Khartoum a place with a strong presence and they want to nourish the surrounding area of new energy, to spread optimism and hope for a better future for the nation itself.