Bahrain Location

Bahrain Bay


Enrico Mari Grego, Francis Jacskon Peirera, Alessandro Pologruto, Mauro Sica, Tommaso Amato



Project Description

Plot size – 16.921 sqm
Built up area – 139.148 sqm

Two towers of 45 floors, office & residential.

A pure triangular shape volume, cut on the corner like an origami to give a simple movement and sharp angles.
There are no inclined planes but just the cut on the corner give a perspective illusion of angles and edges, a dynamic flow from top to bottom.

In relation to the development of Bahrain Bay II the proposed design offers the widest free view, being the plots along the planned main junction and no buildings are in the view.

The proposal utilizes the building shapes and configuration, site size and location , master plan constraints and neighboring plots and hence the positioning , orientation and set-backs work to optimize interaction between the buildings and maximize homogeneity of the master plan.The office tower is so oriented that the maximal distance to neighbor plot is achieved: only a marginal portion of the building is inside the 20.0m constraints.

The angular shape allows the neighbor plot a wider free view this for all the floors in the two main directions: open sea/Bahrain Bay; The podium of the office tower dialogues with the neighbor (similar heights) and the front on Bahrain residential Avenue is unitary, creating an urban character. A gap reduces the volume.

The functions of the buildings are compatible: during the day offices are populated, residential (neighbor) not, at the evening, the opposite: the impact on the view “building to building” is minimized.