Egypt Location

Cairo, Egypt


Enrico Mari Grego, Arnold Del Rosario, Ramya Vijaykumar, Divya Vijaykumar


2015 - Under Study

Project Description

RESIDENTIAL                                 20,214m²

MALL                                                3,000 m²

Developing the plot, in order to provide the best result in terms of investment for the client, we propose a land use that is based on the actual contours of the plot; we don’t propose changes on the natural slopping of the hill; we just cutting the top of the highest part of the hill in the center of the plot, in order to make it more useable for the future park; Cutting the top of the hill we will have enough soil to transfer in some depressed part of the plot. All those changes in the plots with the addition of new commercial area and green will provide the total possibility of building development.

With the different plots, we develop a different design building for each, that is going to satisfied the needs of the different types of the potential clients.