Bahrain Location

Bahrain Bay -Kingdom of Bahrain


Enrico Mari Grego, Paolo Gamba, Francis Jackson Peirera, Tommaso Amato


2008 - 2009

Project Description

Plot size – 5.400 sqm
Built up area – 120.000 sqm

Bahrain has an excellent “Coral Reef” community. In spite of the extreme temperature fluctuations and salinity stress. These “Coral Reefs” as the name suggests are “ The Rainforests” of the Ocean; providing an important ecosystem whilst intriguingly complex in design. The inspiration drawn here creates an understanding towards the Architectural language as well as a System within the structure.

The concept of the Coral , a tower of 45 floors, look for the building is unconventional and reminds the irregular shapes of the corals. Internally the lobbies are shaped like organic forms. Voids and curved walls provide variety of the environment. The voids are never regular. On each floor they change in shape and position. Practically the voids make the distribution lobby on the floor attractive. In the flats, internal partitions are joined through curved elements so that the environment is flowing and coralloid. Life inside the ambient will develop more naturally .The facade structure (the coral symbolic) is horizontally underlined with extrusion and intrusion. The Tower comprises of Residential Apartments. Facilities link the tower to the Retail Block on roof level of the Retail block. The Retail Block compliments the tower by an inverse of coral shapes with and without glass elements following the concept. The Mall comprises of High End Retail and specialised restaurants. Car Parking is provided in four Basements.