Bahrain Location

Bahrain Bay


Enrico Mari Grego



Located in “Zone 6” of the Bahrain Bay Master plan, lot number F.03I+III and F.04 (in the further mentioned A+B+C) make up the outer edge of the north residential neighbors. The Coast Towers are a signature mixed-use structure that acts as a sentry of the area, designed to maximize views to the Marina and sea beyond. This site will stand as a prominent component in the arrival experience for the Bahrain Bay master plan and will contribute to the vitality of North Park.

The North Manama Causeway and the South Residential Avenue Street bind the site. This development is an integral Building/Landscape project site. Islamic Patterns are an excellent geometrical symbol with a simple mathematical law relates the numbers of sides, edges and corners a pattern must have. This law that governs the way polygons relate on a surface. Trust is the law that relates how people interact on the surface of this Earth. Just as the pattern is more wonderful when you have a mixture of different polygons like the world more interesting with the various types of people specially here in Bahrain.

So we use a mixture of different polygons like hexagon and decagon. The inspiration drawn here creates an understanding towards the Architectural language as well as a System within the structure.