Bahrain Team

Enrico Mari Grego, Paolo Gamba, Francis Jackson Peirera, Tommaso Amato


2008 - 2009

Project Description

Plot size – 30.000 sqm
Built up area – 250.000 sqm

The Masterplan aims to develop as a major destination for leisure attractions - enhancing the centre as a vibrant, dynamic and creative place.

Some buildings forming the core, built around a park area innovatively landscaped with cobbled lanes, water features, creating a micro climate trying to beat the hot Bahrain summers.

Small cafes of internationally known chains, art galleries showcasing local and international talent can be some landmark places.

This will be achieved by: reviewing the range of venues and attractions the centre has to offer; fully promoting the wide range of existing attractions; ensuring linkages between attractions in the centre and others elsewhere in the city; developing a new focus; promoting new uses; expanding and diversifying the centre's leisure and sporting offers; promoting a flagship hotel on new landscape and first class restaurants. Residential apartments with international standard design and finishes.

The potential for living in the area is considerable - the rich and new attractive architectural buildings, the new public spaces on the lagoon, all add to the character of the centre as a place to live – along with this the convenience of major facilities on the doorstep and fast connections, we feel the area has considerable untapped potential as a place to live, a residential use.

The opportunities to live in the area are many and varied; one the most important close to the service and the downtown, and on individual plots within the centre, above shops and offices and other redundant buildings.