Bahrain Team

Enrico Mari Grego, Mirko Speri, Elena Pittalis



Project Description

Plot size – 19.985 sqm
Built up area – 110.000 sqm

DataThe dictionary definition of ren•ais•sance means rebirth or revival or The humanistic revival of classical art, architecture, literature, and learning that originated in Italy. The period of this revival, marking the transition from medieval to modern times. WE proposes not simply the design and construction of a visually stunning, fascinating mixed-use development, but the birth of an entirely new entity, arevival of intellectual or artistic achievement and vigor.

The Renaissance Complex will appear to have been born of the very land itself: the undulating, curvaceous forms are organic, serpentine and natural: this is a complex that has not been imposed or inflicted on the landscape. It is the landscape itself that produced the buildings: they grow from the very fabric of Bahrain and work in visual and environmental harmony with her.

These structures live and breathe: they welcome visitors from KSA, the Gulf: the entire World: they contain and entertain their inhabitants: they coruscate in the strong clear light of the gulf, and sparkle with points of light at night.

The buildings are breathtaking in the modernity and panache of their design, but they are also gentle and humane: this development will certainly take its place amongst its peers in the panoply of Global Landmark Architecture: where business and beauty mix: where practicality and intelligence combine: it will be the first significant structure that a the Bahrain-bound causeway-user will encounter: these buildings will announce to the World the sophistication, the innovation and the imagination that now prevail here.

Superbly well located for business visitors from KSA international business meetings will take on a new dimension as colleagues, competitors and delegates wander, marveling, through the internal gardens: diners and shoppers will know that they are entering a new and very special world: the world of The Renaissance Complex: we commend it to you.