China Location



Enrico Mari Grego, Paolo Gamba, Arnold del Rosario, Tommaso Amato



Project Description

Plot size – 9.000 sqm
Built up area – 245.000 sqm

Xi Shi's beauty was said to be so extreme that while washing veil, caused the fish to sink to the bottom of the river, because they were so enchanted and so dazzled by her beauty that they forgot to swim and gradually sunk away from the surface.

Xishi is a tower of 450 meter with residential, commercial, hospitality and a shopping mall. The site is on the northern coast of the island Hainan; an area with existing activities which are linked to recreation and science researches.The skin, an iridescent veil, vibrating through imperceptible nuances of colors, glass impressed with ceramic frit, you can see through.

Like a squid jumping from the sea water, an old monster of the abyss that wants to show his beauty forever.