Bahrain Location

Adliya – Kingdom of Bahrain


Enrico Mari Grego



Project Description

Plot size – 3300 sqm
Built up area – 1000 sqm

Oliveto is a popular Italian restaurant in Adliya.

Burned in a fire three years ago, we have maintained the structure of the old house and extended a new building.The shape of the new building resembles the simple form of a farm or fishing’s huts of San Giovanni in Sardinia, the place of origin of chef Paul.

The name of the restaurant Oliveto means a place with a grove of olive trees.

We chose 11 old olive trees, planted during the construction of the restaurant, to make the place with Mediterranean atmosphere and at the same time having a minimal look with olive trees used as natural sculptures.The project plays on the contrasts of black and white, between the old house covered in white aluminum and new construction covered with the same black material.

Outside overlooking the white dominates the olive trees and the pool, creating terraces and covered outdoor seating, while inside the black becomes more imposing as a pattern in the ceilings and walls of the main dining and lounge.

The pattern used is a section of the olive tree view under the microscope.

This pattern goes inside the restaurant in different areas in order to form three-dimensional visual games. The general environment is highly sophisticated and furnished with modern elements reminiscent of vintage. Rounding out the scene three immense chandeliers shaped pleated skirt to make the environment more balanced.