Bahrain Location

Diyar , Kingdom of Bahrain


Enrico Mari Grego, Maura Franciosa, Francesca Perinetti



Project Description

Plot size – 1000 sqm
Built up size – 500 sqm

The central part of the villa is a courtyard on the water. This element generates all the development of the villa above creating a separation from the public part of the villa and the private.

Sarat villa is designed with the aim of preserving one of the most important aspect of Arabic life style: the PRIVACY.

Our project is a balance combination between Modern and Arabic architecture.

The first step it was to overhead the house to assure the amazing sea view for a portion of the house “the Living” where the people use to spend more time, this is a Modern aspect of living. The second step was to create a volume open on a courtyard but shielded on the neighbors sides in a way that is hided from the neighbors. Privacy has completed using fixed screens with a geometric pattern or sliding panels as used on the both livings at the entrance and at first floor overlooking the terrace.