Bahrain Location

Diyar , Kingdom of Bahrain


Enrico Mari Grego, Maura Franciosa, Francesca Perinetti



Project Description

Plot size – 15400 sqm
Built up area – 40200 sqm

The building is thought of not as static architecture, but as an object that relates to its environment to its context.

The location, in this case, plays a vital role. Especially on an island where ‘sea view’ is prized.
The residential plans are organized to provide sea view during the day and city view at night.
We created “Dynamic Architecture”, Panels decorated with Islamic patterns and wood terraces with Bahraini bow windows break the static feel of the module that is repeated throughout the length of the building.
The building exists on a horizontal axis:

The terraces are staggered in depth within the parameters of the plot.We have created 6 different combinations of terraces on the two main facades of the residential floors to create a ‘vibrant facade’.

Each four apartments (two on the first floor, and two on the second) are accessed through one system in the ‘Courtyard’.

The courtyard ensures a clear separation between sleeping and living areas within the apartment, and provides the shopping gallery natural light and ventilation.

Each shop can be accessed from inside the gallery and from outside the building. Creating double access similar to that of the ‘Traditional Souq’.