Bahrain Location

Hamala, Kingdom of Bahrain


Enrico Mari Grego


2008 - 2009

Project Description

Plot size – 1000 sqm
Built up area – 2000 sqm

The’ Q ’ is designed with open floors that rotate around a common atrium. The three levels are connected by an open winding staircase and the rotation of the floor plans allows a wide view from one floor to the next all the way up and down through the ‘Q’ villa. The protrusions create private areas that are inter-connected by the core staircases that also provides for informal /formal settings.

An open winding staircase and the rotation of the floor plan connect the three levels.

The ‘Q’ is an important part of the densification of the villa centre and aims to tie the quarter together.

Being part of an ambiance, the villa is designed with indentation to avoid blocking the daylight for all to enjoy. With internal connections the main core merges with every-day contact.

The shifting of the internal walls ensures broad ambiance possibilities’. We designed a transparent and dynamic structure that integrates the creative + private and leading to the shared areas, Interwoven in a mix of high and low mezzanine rooms.

All areas are concentrated around a glass roofed space with a central staircase connecting the floors.

The delicately shaped outline of the villa binds the family together in a focal point.

The drive through gently sloping ramps opens invitingly; creating a deep cut showing the inside of the visible car showroom. The ramps lead to the car park area that also leads to a shared facilities room dedicated to the kids + gym outside the villa as well as to the serves entrance.

The facades constitute of three interactive levels, skins and shapes that hints the artistic content of the villa life style.