Albaraka Bank HQ

Bahrain Location

Bahrain Bay – Kindgom of Bahrain


Enrico Mari Grego, Marco Polloni, Alessandro Pologruto, Dalal Sanad



Design inspiration: Ancient Islamic patterns geometry to Deconstruct in a Mystical relationships in the office space trough lines that defines environments and internal glass box with green and plants.
Pattern’s components are dynamic juxtaposition creating dramatic diagonals and horizontal lines like strong and individual visual appeal.Concept of an inside-out building takes the external skin inside.Skeleton on the outside gives a sense of freedom with light, air and a beautiful ethereal quality design.
Our office spaces idea: working like being in open air.
Transparent materials, clear glass, light colors, natural finishes, soft light define the rest.
Elegant, fresh, relax, calm, soft … the qualities to feel comfortable … with green areas inside.