Bahrain Location

World Trade Center – Kingdom of Bahrain


Enrico Mari Grego, Marco Polloni, WesamAlrashid



BMI unveiling newly re-designed outlets including more common areas, and traditional teller stations are replaced by long desks that resemble hotel concierge desks that feature amenities such as Internet cafes and coffee bars this year. Among the changes, EMGA is revamping traditional teller lines and bankers' offices to encourage staff to interact with customers. Tellers work with customers at freestanding work counters, handing customers a receipt with a code that they enter into a cash-dispensing kiosk, speeding transactions.By replacing traditional walls with glass dividers that provide privacy but also create a more open look.

The customer-service desks will be physically expanded and employees working at the desk must be now trained to handle more types of transactions, such as ordering ATM cards and checks for customers. Modern line tables will replace formal desks in the new branches; also changing the way products are promoted inside the branch. Product pamphlets, for example, will be replaced with displays that help customers visualize the available bank products. The displays are used to promote the bank's products.

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