EMGA office

Bahrain Location

Manama – Kingdom of Bahrain


Enrico Mari Grego with Adriana Formento



The environments that inspire provide new energy to the mind, and therefore better ideas and more ambitious aspirations.

There is something almost magical in inspiration. Something that makes us rise above the ordinary and the extraordinary trespass. What are you doing to get the results that others have only dreamed of? That makes us travel that stretch of road that makes the difference in life and in business. That helps us to do what we do every day at work , the better .

We call it EMGA Inspiration Office .

Put very simply , it is a work environment designed to bring out the best; a work environment that :

• stimulates creativity
• connects people and makes the flow of information in an effective manner
• create the conditions so that people get the best results , do what they do better

In this sense , the office becomes a powerful management tool that can enable the company to build a more creative and productive.
Simply black, red and white following our corporate colors.