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Enrico Mari Grego



The elegance of an extraordinary everyday life, of striking although real and possible atmospheres, constantly updated, where even the smallest detail is the result of research, testing and thought.

This is the Falper mood, designed by Enrico Mari Grego Architects, whose experience in retail design and innovative architectures strongly contributed to the quality of the project.

Bathrooms that convey a feeling of relax and pleasure, in spite of being showrooms and points of sale. A long and thorough marketing analysis lies behind this achievement and plays a fundamental role in the success obtained in over20 countries all around the world.

The Design Team carefully studies the correct dimensions, location, selection and matching of the most suitable materials to represent the Falper style, although never surrendering to the trends of the moment or presenting design in its most extreme forms.

The design and after sales service represent a new benchmark in the bathroom field.

The next international locations will be London, Paris and Brussels.