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Enrico Mari Grego, Ryuta Okano, MattiaSusani, Victor Vasilev



The concept of Mokarabia Coffee Bar blends from the analysis of the traditional Italian bar , combining elements of traditional matrix in innovative shapes and colors typical of the brand Mokarabia .
The concept is divided into three distinct formats: a shop- in-shops in airports and railways stations to be positioned in the context of other commercial activities; a format of 60 square meters and a larger one format that exceeds 150 square meters including lounge areas and areas of sales and merchandising.
The environment that emerges is therefore characterized by highly scenic elements combined with a sophisticated design but simple t not devoid of warmth and intimacy appreciated by the general public.
The chromatic stands for the interpretation of the shades of coffee, and its variants from vanilla to brown, through the design of textures on floors and wall panels by applying silk screened with original artwork .
The study of light distinguishes the operational area around the counter, with a false ceiling by the characteristic shape of a comb punctuated by luminous cuts , and the area allocated to tables, lamps with cylindrical light soft and light grazing on the walls.
The use of fine materials is expressed in the design of a desk in wenge veneer and brushed steel finish with coriantop , raise the back counter and niches covered in polished steel , stainless steel details .
The exposure of the product becomes a characteristic feature of local and beyond the traditional concept of " cabinet " : the road to allow exhibitors a first contact with the brand Mokarabia , presenting products like precious objects encased in glass display cases ; the niches behind the counter steel elements reflect and multiply by simulating the effect of greater depth ; showcase set in the profile of the bar looks like a pure crystal volume.