United Arab Emirates Location

Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Enrico Mari Grego with Antonio Zuppati



Omniyat is a privately held real estate development and service related company that works with the world's best known and most respected architects, specialty consultants and contractors to develop and launch large-scale and iconic properties.

The office concept is to show case their capability to invent the future, define lifestyles in the region and create exciting environments and opportunities.
The office becomes at the entrance an exhibition of their projects with a reception surrounded by patterns and models of the buildings and an area with hologram presentations.

The office complies with the company's mission to impress with highly technological and innovative projects, the most technological feature are applied here, like for example in the executive area the meeting rooms and executive offices have doors hidden in glass walls that open only walking with special badges.
Nothing is left to chance, but every small detail is designed to optimize the work process and to increase the security of information and privacy.