Saudi Arabia Location

Al Khobar – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Enrico Mari Grego, Arnold Del Rosario, Massimiliano Bramucci



Environment and sustainability are the basis of our priorities in the future and for Saudi Tabreed. How to design a workspace and a corporate image with these premises?

We thought of a modern space, full of technological elements and at the same time linked to the environment and everyday life.

We started with a hexagon, a symbol of a cell and technology and on this element we designed spaces and operating elements on the walls that open letting out plants ... the green part of the technology and at the same time we used a natural wood, the essence of the tree.

The theme is based on a technological and ecological open space environment, which has been divided by island of cell like libraries to categorize each department, divided by screen.

At the entrance of the office we have a wall of green surrounded by the logo, a room for the control of technological activities and the meeting rooms.

The operational area instead is a large open space, divided by elements that recall the technology and the environment and at the same time serve to contain or services or archive.

The space seems divided into cells; each department is closed but open at the same time.
Interaction between departments in the working space will be optimal but at the same time the design will preserve privacy and a productive environment to work.