United Arab Emirates Location

Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Enrico Mari Grego with Antonio Zuppati



We designed for Omniyat Properties a concept interior design and landscape for The Binary,the gentle integration of geometric forms into the natural, infinite and organic space of the building itself and the land that it graces.

We believe that the beauty of one structure is enhanced by its contrast with another.

Let us, then, take an individual on an unusual journey approaching a building whose horizons undulate hypnotically.

Within the lobby, dimensions will modify as the visitor enters Perspectives and perceptions will shift: engaging and delighting the viewer: never overwhelming, never disorienting: only captivating and fascinating.

There is no freedom without discipline.

There is no leisure without work.

There are no curves without straight lines.

Pleasure and truth are both enhanced by contrast.

Finding and defining the balance between two seemingly irredeemable opposites is where genius, beauty and humanity reside.

The logic and discipline of geometry and gentle curvature will combine in the perfect visual binary code.